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First Water Test Run S/Y Elysium

December 1, 2021
On November 23rd, 2021, the first water test run of the electromotor and battery system on sailing yacht Elysium took place. It was a n immediate success that paves the way for a breakthrough for electric sailing.
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At the moment, the sailing yacht Elysium, a Hoek Truly Classic 56, is refitted by Hutting Yachts in the Netherlands. In collaboration with Hutting Yachts, STOK Electric installed their newly developed hybrid electric system. The diesel engine has been replaced with the hybrid system which includes a STOK Electric motor, hydrogeneration, 28 Super B lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) and a Yanmar diesel generator as a back-up for charging the batteries that work neatly together. Solar generation is not necessary, but can be added if needed.

STOK Electric has designed and delivered a custom-made STOK Electric motor. The electromotor is designed in such a way to avoid any vibrations and resonances which makes the motor very quiet. The cooling pump and cavitation of the propeller is all that you hear when the motor is running! For more information on the custom hybrid electric system, please visit

Watch the YouTube vlog by Classic Sailing Yacht Elysium on the first water test run of the electric motor and battery system: