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Propulsion Systems

We deliver completely integrated electric and hybrid propulsion systems for boats. Our systems are fully customizable and are suitable for almost any application with electric motors from 10 up to 160 kW
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A fitting solution for everyone

Electric Motors

We carry a large range of electric motors which offer a solution for any application, be it a small sloop or a large yacht. The motors are very well built and are all liquid-cooled to accomplish maximum comfort, performance and efficiency.

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Diesel Generators

For those traveling long distances, we offer reliable custom-made diesel generators using Yanmar engine blocks. These generators can be used with or without a noise isolating enclosure to ensure it can fit in all applications. All generators use a permanent magnet motor directly mounted to the flywheel, which increases reliability and efficiency.

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Vessel Control Unit

To manage all systems, we developed our Vessel Control Unit. It functions as the brains of the system, and will tell each component what to do and when to do it. It is compatible with multiple communication protocols, such as NMEA2000, CANopen and J1939, to name a few. This also makes it possible to use the device outside of our systems.
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Power Distribution Units

Our Power Distribution Unit (PDU) ensures safe operation of the system. It houses all necessary safety equipment in one single enclosure, this enclosure also serves the purpose of being the central connection point for all components.
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