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We have developed a completely integrated hybrid and electric propulsion system suitable for a broad range of boats. During development, flexibility was a key point, this allows the system to be optimized and customized for each application. The result is exceptional performance, maximum operability, and a system that ensures safety.

STOK Electric can fully comply the system to the customers wishes and the possibilities on the boat. The battery bank can be scaled up or down, multi-hulls or high-powered boats have the option of dual motor setups. One or more generators can be added as a back-up option and even more range or be left out for the ultimate quiet and clean experience of electric sailing. Together with well-known shipyards, we install the system and verify that everything is in order before the boat is delivered to the customer.

In addition to our systems, we provide various services, one of them is battery conversions from lead-acid batteries to lithium iron phosphate batteries. This results in lower weight, more space, more power/capacity available and longer lasting battery life.