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Sailing Yachts

Become fully sustainable from now on and take comfort to the next level as a sailor. We have systems for both monohull and multihull boats. The system is fully integrated throughout the boat and fully customizable. This creates the optimal sailing experience in which the comfort of home is extended to the boat.

Motor boats

Enjoy the tranquilityof sailing and the maneuverability of a motorboat. From now on, it is possible to sail electrically or hybrid on the inland waterways and seas with a motorboat. STOK Electric offers a wide range of electric motors up to 160 kW, this makes our system suitable for many motorboats.

Commercial vessels

The system is designed for harsh conditions, making it suitable for professional use as well. Reliability, safety, and efficiency are even more vital here, because most of the time a lot is demanded of the system. That is why there are different variants of our systems, so we can always meet your needs.


STOK Electric also has systems for smaller boats. The electric motor range for the small inboard motors consists of 5 kW, 7.5 kW, and 10 kW. For the batteries, it is possible to choose between AGM batteries or LiFePo4 batteries. In which the LiFePo4 are safer and have greater energy density.