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We take our customers very serious in their wishes and will involve them in the design phase of the project. Because every boat is different, they all require a different approach to get the most out of each project. We can also recreate the boat in CAD software, if necessary. This way the best possible solution can be produced, fitting for the boat.

All the service you could need

existing boats

Refits, every boat needs one eventually. There's a huge amount of well build boats that are reaching an age where the engine needs to be refitted. This is an ideal situation to switch to an electric or hybrid powered propulsion system. However, repowering an existing boat with a completely different drive train is difficult. That's why we developed our system with flexibility as a key item. We can adapt our system to the requirements and make it truly future proof.

New build boats

New build vessels are a great platform for hybrid and electric propulsion systems, the system can be taken into account when during the design phase of the vessel. For example, a larger battery bank can be fitted on a favorable location to distribute the weight, a smaller engine room is required to optimize interior space, induction cooking and washing machines can be fitted as standard, the generator can be tucked away where it's least noticeable.

Battery Conversions

Besides completely repowering a boat, it is also possible to improve another aspect of the existing electrical installation, the batteries. Most boats that are a bit older still use GEL or AGM batteries, which are big, heavy, and not the best performing option available. STOK Electric offers conversions from Lead Acidbatteries to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4 or LFP) batteries. These batteries offer many advantages: they are exceptionally light, safe, and powerful. They can be discharged completely and take far less time to be recharged. Unlike other lithium batterychemistries, LFP batteries cannot self-ignite. Also, the energyflow is monitored by a BMS which can automatically disconnect the batteries if something is not right.

Technical Advice

There are many electric propulsion systems available on the market for people to buy and install themselves. But not everybody knows exactly what to consider when converting to an electric propulsion system. We offer advice on the correct installation of these systems because we understand that many people enjoy tinkering on their own boats and wish to venture into the electrification of their boat by themselves.