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Electric system tour with Feel The Breeze

March 1, 2022
Sailing couple Rianne and Gerben visited Elysium to get acquainted with the newly installed hybrid electric propulsion system. STOK Electric gave an in-depth explanation and a demonstration of the system.
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Rianne and Gerben sail the world together with their toddler Benjamin and host a YouTube sailing channel Feel the Breeze family with vlogs on their sailing life and adventures. Like more and more sailers, they also lean towards going electric and are investigating the possibilities.

On instagram they bumped into sailing yacht Elysium that is now under refit by Hutting Yachts shipyard in the Netherlands and converted to hybrid electric by STOK Electric. Having their sailing yacht stationed in Montenegro at the moment, the Feel the Breeze family visited Elysium while on vacation in the Netherlands. Antonie and Berend from STOK Electric were happy to answer all their questions on their system concept and its workings and gave a short demonstration that can be seen in the vlog.

Watch the sailing vlog of Feel the Breeze Family:

Can We Go FULLY Electric 🤩 STOK Electric & Modern Classic Sailing Yacht - Perfect Electric Sailboat - YouTube